The original layout at ATT 33 Thomas St. was to have multiple motion sensors on each data center floor to enable lighting circuits. This method proved to be very costly when you take into consideration the price of material, wiring and installation costs. Advantex Solutions Inc. (ASI) proposed Y-Wire technologies as a solution for lighting control to meet the client’s budget. Y-Wire is the first lighting control system in the world to incorporate broadband over power line communications or (BPL).  With this concept ASI installed a lighting control panel next to each lighting panel on each floor. Then we strategically installed motion sensors throughout the data center floors. Once motion is detected the lights will come on for a predetermined time, which is fully adjustable by the building personnel.  If the person working on the floor is not in front of a motion sensor and the lighting off time is approaching, the lights will start to flick (Flick Warn), giving them time to easily walk in front of the nearest sensor to restart to lighting on process again. Keep in mind that the time the lights go off after the Flick Warn, is fully adjustable. With this setup we were able to cut down the amount of motion sensors to a third. Just think about the savings from that alone, when you figure installation costs. Then with Y-Wire controllers in each control panel, the facility through BPL is able to adjust, view and monitor all the lighting floors, through our easy to navigate custom graphics. At the tip of their fingers the building engineers can manually override lights, adjust how long the lights will be on once motion is detected, or have all the lights go on and off with a master schedule. This is just a few examples of the control they will have with the Y-Wire lighting system, at a much lower cost than traditional lighting control panels. The Y-Wire lighting control system can be easily integrated to any existing BMS system.