Distech Controls, Inc. designs, manufactures and markets building automation solutions and open control systems products. Distech Controls’ solutions are applied in the commercial, institutional and industrial marketplace and integrate energy management, HVAC and lighting control solutions as well as many other third-party products.

For your building automation needs, Distech Controls offers:

BACnet® and LONWORKS® programmable and application specific controllers
EC-Light: LONWORKS® lighting solution
LNS® based network management tool suite
LNS based plug-ins for configuration, custom programming and monitoring
EC-NetAX Web-based and open systems solution for LONWORKS® and BACnet®, powered by NiagaraAX Framework™
EC-Net wizards for configuration in EC-Net and NiagaraAX Framework
Wireless, battery-less communication solution
Best-of-breed third party product

Distech Controls has recently introduced the ECLYPSE Series connected system controllers to their current line of products. The product line includes,


  1. The ECLYPSE Connected System Controller is a modular and scalable platform used to control a wide range of HVAC applications. It supports multi-protocol communications, including BACnet/IP, and is a listed BACnet Building Controller (B-BC). The ECLYPSE Connected System Controller consists of a control, automation and connectivity server, power supply, and I/O extension modules. This programmable Connected System Controller provides advanced functionality, such as customizable control logic, Web-based design and visualization interface (ENVYSION embedded), logging, alarming, and scheduling.  


  1. The ECLYPSE Connected VAV Controller is designed to control any variable air volume (VAV) box. It supports BACnet/IP communication and is a listed BACnet Building Controller (B-BC).


  1. The ECLYPSE Connected Equipment Controller is designed to satisfy the needs of a wide range of HVAC applications such as small and medium terminal applications. It integrates a control, automation and connectivity server, power supply, and I/O in one convenient package. It supports BACnet/IP communications and is a listed BACnet Building Controller (BBC). In addition, the ECY-303-M3 model supports Modbus to connect to meters, Variable Frequency Drives, etc.


  1. The ECLYPSE Connected Terminal Unit Controller is designed to control terminal units such as fan coil units, chilled beams, ceilings, and heat pumps.


All of these programmable controllers come with an embedded web server that enables web-based application configuration and a visualization interface. It also features embedded scheduling, alarming, and logging. Control logic and graphic user interface can be customized as required for the application. A Wi-Fi connection is also available via the Distech mobile application when the Wi-Fi adapter is purchased with the controllers.

Distech Controls is ISO 9001 Registered


Facility Explorer’s interoperability gives you seamless connectivity to BACnet®, LONWORKS®, and Johnson Controls N2 Open controllers, giving you more possibilities for future expansion and upgrades. Facility Explorer controllers and displays also support software-based integration gateways for other devices that use proprietary or industry-specific protocols.