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National Audubon Society

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The National Audubon Society (Audubon) is an American non-profit environmental organization dedicated to conservation of birds and their habitats. Located in the United States and incorporated in 1905, Audubon is one of the oldest of such organizations in the world. Advantex Solutions provided automatic temperature controls at their office located at 225 Varick Street. This system includes control of Air Handling Units, Air Towers, Chillers, Exhaust fans and Cooling Tower. This project achieved LEED Platinum certification.

Baruch College

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Baruch College (officially the Bernard M. Baruch College) is a public college in New York City. It is a constituent college of the City University of New York system. Named for financier and statesman Bernard M. Baruch, the college operates undergraduate and postgraduate programs through the Zicklin School of Business, the Weissman School of Arts and Sciences, and the Marxe School of Public and International Affairs. On this project Advantex Solutions installed a Niagara web-based Distech Controls BMS with Envysion graphics. This system includes control of Air Handling Units, VAV’s, Chilled Water System, Hot Water System, Domestic Hot Water, Cooling Towers, Fuel Oil Delivery System, and Automatic Generator.

DSNY Manhattan District 1/2/5 Garage & Salt Shed

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The Manhattan Districts 1/2/5 Garage—at the corner of Spring Street and West Street—houses three district garages for the NYC Department of Sanitation; accommodating over 150 sanitation vehicles, separate vehicle wash, personnel facilities for each district, and centralized fueling and repair facilities. The Distech Controls BMS includes Cooling Towers, Chillers, Heat Exchangers, Air Handlers, Heating Ventilation Units, and Fan Coil Units. Also, the system is integrated with a gas detection system, lighting, and rain water harvesting, to name a few. We also control the buildings exterior solar shades that change position during the day to track the position of the sun. This project achieved LEED Gold certification. 

Other DSNY projects completed by ASI include Queens Garage 5 & 5A and 44 Beaver Street NYC.

Zara International

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Advantex Solutions installed automatic temperature controls to many Zara International retails sites across the Tri-state area. Some of the locations include the flag ship NYC store on 34th street, Roosevelt Field Mall, Walt Whitman, Cross County Mall, and Menlo Park.

Other retail projects completed by ASI include Capital One Banks, Staples, NYSC, and Apple.

201 Varick Street Federal Government Building

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201 Varick Street is a 12-story Art Deco office building constructed in 1929. The building is a non-load bearing structure clad in a buff-tone brick with limestone accents. Like earlier skyscraper styles, 201 Varick Street’s east elevation (facing Varick Street) has a basically tripartite elevation consisting of a limestone clad base, brick shaft, and brick crown.On this energy conservation project we retrofitted the existing pneumatic VAV’s with new DDC controllers, and provided automatic temperature controls for Air Handlers, Chillers, and Hot Water System. We implemented many control sequences to reduce energy consumption in the building, including Cogeneration optimization.

Fashion Institute of Technology

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The Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) is a public college in New York City. It is part of the State University of New York (SUNY) and focuses on art, business, design, mass communication, and technology connected to the fashion industry. The nine-building campus in Midtown South includes classrooms, television and radio studios, labs, design workshops, and multiple exhibition galleries. FIT serves over 7,578 full-time and 2,186 part-time students. It contains four dormitories, three of which are on-campus, serving approximately 2,300 students and offering a variety of accommodations. Advantex Solutions services the Distech Controls campus-wide BMS. The system controls multiple Air Handlers, Cooling Towers, Chillers, Hot Water Systems, Fan Coil Units, and VAV’s. There are also multiple laboratory controls throughout the campus and emergency generators.

LaGuardia Community College

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LaGuardia Community College is a public community college in Long Island City, New York. It is part of the City University of New York. LaGuardia is named after former congressman and New York City mayor Fiorello H. LaGuardia. The college offers associate degrees in the arts, sciences, applied sciences, as well as continuing education programs. Advantex Solutions provided automatic temperature controls for Air Handlers, Heat Exchangers, Fin Tube radiation and VAV’s.

PS 66Q

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P.S. 66 Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis School—formally known as Brooklyn Hills School—is a historic school building in Richmond Hill, Queens, New York. It was designed by architect C. B. J. Snyder (1860–1945) and built in 1898. It is a 2 1⁄2-story brick structure in the Romanesque style. It has a prominent, off-center tower with belfry. It features a slate roof and decorative stucco frieze. The school has a fortress-like appearance, including prominent round arches highlighting window openings and a distinctive six-story tower. The building was restored in 2001 and remains in use as a New York City Public School. Advantex Solutions installed a complete building automation system on this project. The system includes control of Roof Top units, VAV’s, Air Induction units, Chillers, Fin Tube radiation, etc.

Other school projects completed by ASI include PS 111Q, PS 314Q, IS 868M, PS 9R, IS 53Q, Queens College, and Hunter College.

Lincoln Houses

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Lincoln Houses is a fourteen-building housing complex located in uptown Manhattan. Advantex Solutions provided a building automation system for the complex, which controls the heating, lighting, and outdoor sprinklers.

Other houseing complex projects completed by ASI include Patterson Houses, Soundview Houses, Courtland Houses, and Tompkins Houses.